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Welcome to American Innovative Technologies (AIT) Inc, The place where your business needs are addressed with innovative technological solutions. Our strategic custom built solutions have served satisfied clients across the globe over the years in bringing success to their businesses.

Our expertise with the latest technology and experience in dealing with business problems has made us a pioneer in providing the following services.

  • Solving complex business problems
  • Business performance enhancement
  • Helping in market penetration
  • High-end cost effective IT solutions.

What makes us different?

We, at AIT believe innovation to be the heart of all services. We bring out unique and the best tailor made solutions depending upon your needs and requirements. Our team of dedicated and innovative professionals provides customer centered business solutions that create a way for enviable success for our clients.
We craft excellent business solutions that are in line with the latest technologies and follow a dynamic approach in developing our solutions.

Our Team

We have pros from all fields of Information Technology with excellent expertise. A wide range of talents from all fields like UI designing, Web application development, mobile app development, data analysis, ERP, cloud computing and many more make up our excellent IT team. Our professionals are given freedom of innovation and immense opportunities to collaborate with the client and understand their particular needs.

Mosaic of services provided

Some of our core services include

  • Application development
  • Mobile app development
  • Web application development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Enterprise Cloud
  • E-Commerce

and other intra and inter-related services.

We also provide strategically crafted architecture and design services for improving your business processes and operations. Our services can be effectively used as efficient revenue generators by providing you with well-planned architecture and design. We leave no issues unaddressed and provide you with a complete solution giving you products that work the way you want them to. Our effective solutions reduce your maintenance, redesign and revamp costs and allow for a seamless integration with third party tools.

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