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Big Data Consulting

As a leading data analytics service provider, our offerings help our clients transform their businesses by capitalising on the power of Big Data and derive immense benefits by integrating them into their solutions. Our competencies and expertise drive us to define, develop, strategize and integrate the Big Data needs in to our client’s roadmap, development milestones, architecture and implementation. Our Big Data Analytical strategy empowers our clients through enriched information which are rightly processed as per their business needs and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

Our Service Offerings

Our service expertise in Big Data include, Use cases, Landscapes, Planning, Piloting, Deployment and Delivery, and Support services. We deliver our Big Data services end to end and our customers are engaged at defined milestones to remain aware of our Big Data Plans. We have a closed feedback in many forms from our clients ranging from surveys, one to one discussions, market & competitive intelligence and we apply the feedback to improvise the offerings to our customers. We impart confidence in our customers by assimilating, collecting and processing the data required for the analytics of the organisation to reach their business targets and provide the direction towards the growth of their organisations. We help our clients to reshape and restructure their infrastructure to handle large volumes of data and integration of BYOD and social media. Our solutions encompass strategy, protection, deployment and compliance. We, at AIT, with our intuitive methods help our clients manage large volumes of traffic in big corporations originating from media, emails, change management procedures, test labs.

Our Value Proposition

Our innovative and out of the box thinking and techniques combined with industry proven experience provide an edge for our clients to work with us and to rely on us. Our lab and environment is focussed and built upon leading Big Data processing tools and platforms such as Hadoop, SAP HANA, GridGrain, HPCC, Storm and others. Our data consultants are skilled in various data base systems that form an essential element for the Big Data Performance tools. The databases include:

  • Hadoop
  • Cassandra
  • HBase
  • TerraStore
  • Hive

Our services on Big Data is not limited to collection and performing of data analytics, but our value to our clients is manifold to consult as to what our clients require, the tools and strategy, the databases and the platforms that suits their budget and business. We ensure availability, security and compliance for our clients Big Data infrastructure. We safeguard our clients’ data with strong security measures and undergo required regulatory and standardisation procedures required by our clients, by having planned recovery and backup procedures. We help our clients realize the value and power of data and make bigger, bolder and better decisions with it by circling the right information their company needs to move ahead in competition, achieve cost saving, and increase revenue margins. We make the process of moving our client’s businesses seamlessly from in house to cloud clusters.

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