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Predictive Analytics Services

Predictive analysis in the internet areas deals with the assimilation of the vast amount of information and processing them to predict the behaviour of various market models and performance of the systems. Our services add an edge in this predictive analysis by employing various techniques and tools. We have multiple years of expertise in various predictive analysis tools such as the IBM SPSS modeller, SAS Miner, SAP HANA, SAP Insight etc. As trusted partners of our big data enablers, we thrive and make every effort to leverage the big data revolution to add a great value to our customers. We not only perform traditional regression based predictive analysis but also we believe in machine learning systems that analyse the future and report with the prediction models to help our organisations make better decisions.

Our Domain Expertise

Our clients restructure their policies, operational procedure and prepare their innovation budgets based on our predictive models. Our domain applies to various industries where the prediction models play a major role to push our clients to leap into the market. Our analysis and reports cater to multiple industries such as Analytical CRM, decision support systems, Fraud detection, Risk management, Underwriting, and Marketing. Our predictive analysis adopts an MLP model to map input sets of data to outputs. We also have exhaustive experience in learning models using support vector machines. Our geospatial predictive modelling services help navigate and predict traffic flows for organisations that deal with customer and traffic management. Our services also earn a great location based and user preference based predictions that enable our clients to redirect all the traffic through their web sites and increase ad revenues. We adopt various analytic techniques such as regression analysis, time series models, regression trees, survival analysis that are customised as per our client’s business and consumer needs.

Our Value to Customers

Our success in analytics majorly relies on our customer’s success. And to make our customer succeed, we gain our proficiency in various analytical tools and practices industry wide. Our predictive models use variable algorithms for selection, collection and assimilation. Our best-practices and validation methods identify the root cause and important variables that play major alterations to the predictions. Our methods are unique, business driven and deliver accurate predictions for insurance offerings, Wall Street predictions, and economic foresights to help organisations grow. We invest in a deep and intensive research methods and our consulting have transformed the majority of our clients to develop market leading offerings, solution enablers, strategies winning markets, build effective brand value, save advertising costs, and plan their R&D budgets into market requirements. We perform our models based on market and consumer surveys that provide a picture of real time data needs for our customers and feed them back to our modelling techniques and tools to generate online behaviours. Our reports and analysis all our customers to position themselves in to a new space of markets thus expanding and growing their businesses they have built over years.

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