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Enterprise Performance Management

Enterprise performance Management (EPM) or corporate performance management software is a set of tools that lets companies enhance their business processes like finance management and budgeting. The time when a combination of excellence and an ERP software was enough has long gone. In the fast pacing world, CFOs and CEOs cannot just settle down for conventional methods. Strategic planning, budgeting, performance analysis, effective supply chain and business forecasting are some of the applications of EPM which are all very important for the growth of your business.
Modern EPM solutions are changing the way your business operates for the better. It lets you deal with real time data and gives valuable insights. With EPM, you can make better planning and formulate effective strategies that carry little risk. It acts like an extra hand for the CFO by letting them manage the revenue and cost effectively. It provides decision makers with in-context analytics leading to better returns. EPM tools have become an indispensable part of a modern business strategy. Various business personnel like CFO, Controller, Treasures, VP of financial systems and planning department can derive huge benefits by using EPM tools.
AIT, a major IT solutions provider brings you some of the best EPM software solutions that you can make use of for speeding up your processes. These solutions help you save time and cost in the long run. They are an effective way to maximize your profits and boost productivity.

Some of the EPM services provided by AIT include,

Business planning tools help you plan your strategy and execute in a perfect manner. You can evaluate and monitor the planning activities as well as the operational execution. You can make long term plans like a 5 year plan and efficiently execute them with the help of balanced scorecards, efficient reporting and routine strategy maps.

Forecasting enables you to look into the various probabilities of future opportunities and returns based upon the current statistical data. It lets you take the right decisions on the backing of analysis on valid data.

Financial consolidation can speed up your consolidations and free the burden of your analysts. With these handy tools your executives can focus on planning and process improvement.

Budgeting and finance management are major drivers for success. EPM tools provide better visibility on the operational performance of financial transactions and provide a fast way for financial reporting and management.

These EPM services are critical functions to the success of your organization. AIT’s EPM solutions can also be integrated with ERP platforms to interoperate on common resources and functions like sales and operations planning.
AIT provides you with the latest technologies in collaboration with the major players like SAP, Oracle and IBM. Various top-notch EPM tools and solutions are provided including

  • SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC)
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning
  • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management
  • IBM Cognos TM1
  • Actuate performance Management
  • Lawson Enterprise Performance Management

Do not waste another minute and get yourself acquainted with the excellent EPM services from AIT for a continuous performance improvement of your organization.

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