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SAP Implementation & Consulting services

Our trained and certified professionals on various SAP Modules possess tremendous product knowledge and enable clients to transform their businesses. Whether it is the platform or the data archival or the business management systems, or HR modules, our professionals are skilled in domain specific module implementations to help them move it to the cloud, or deploy customised solutions in their in-house environments.

We are always there to help our clients by taking the bold step to steer their businesses in new directions and avenues. Our innovative SAP solutions, services and support are tailored as per our clients industry needs. Our client’s solutions are carefully designed and deployed by our professionals and constantly improved through continuous feedback and survey mechanisms. We focus our solutions on multiple domains and we have expertise in FMCG, supply chain, manufacturing, HR, taxation systems, bidding and procurements. We enable our solutions using best practices to work as per our client’s business situations. Our expertise and various SAP tools we use instil a great amount of confidence in our clients and our business partners help them achieve the value of their investments.

Our Experience

AIT professionals are experienced in various SAP modules and provide quick solutions to our customers. We are leaders in SAP ERP, SAP CRM, SAP HCM, SAP SRM, SAP APO and other business logics. Our clients invest in our SAP solutions to optimize their day to day operations, streamline business logics, integrate systems, and apply technology to stay and gear ahead of their competition.

SAP Business Suite is a collection of business applications that integrates processes, and delivers industry-specific functionality and business scalability. It majorly has six modules:

  • SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
  • SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  • SAP SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
  • SAP APO (Advance Planner & Optimizer)
  • SAP SNC (Supply Network Collaboration)
  • SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

As an SAP Partner, we assist our clients in achieving their business goals utilizing the SAP business suite which is the standard in enterprise business planning. Our experienced consultancy services provide them with strategy, planning, designs, implementation, change and supply chain management. Our clients rely on us to deploy their SAP suites across their organisations and we help them transition to it by a phased approach and marked milestones on addressing specific business challenges and schedule. Our expertise means cost saving and reduced business complexity for our clients.

Our Plethora of SAP Services

We offer a multitude of SAP based services and execute end to end transformation of businesses for our clients. At AIT, we perform:

  • Implementations
  • Upgrades
  • Roll-Outs
  • Enhancements & Change Requests
  • Production Support

We serve as trustworthy partners for our clients to deliver in mush simpler, less risky and a pronounced successful way.

Project Management Services

Our Project Management Services will help organizations manage their business processes better. We use SAP Business Workflow to design better business processes and ensure that all the processes function like clockwork. Our SAP Workflow solution involves designing, planning and implementing workflow solutions with goal of quality, reusability, reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and reduced time-to market.

Business Analytics & Planning

Our solutions incorporate the best planning, installation and configuration practices to leverage the best value for the ERP solutions for our clients. Integrating and collection of data from disparate heterogeneous systems and our experts employ business tactics and analytical planning in helping our clients to make strategic decision making to resolve their challenges. We help them seamlessly integrate the different business processes across legacy and standardised systems in their organisations in a single manageable system. Our systematic approach helps them to reduce costs, improve efficiency and implement projects with increased agility. Our framework and tools help them design, monitor, operate and enhance flexibility across their life cycle.

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