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Projects fail when they are not planned and executed. Studies indicate most of the projects fail when they do not have the right strategy to manage. This is where we, at AIT, step in to support our clients to achieve and increase success rates and help them in delivering their projects. AIT is a well-known leader in project management principles and practice, bringing its clients the expertise and techniques required to help evolve and sustain a value-driven business.

Our Project Management Services are elegantly designed to assist our clients with the rollout of large scale projects. Our methods allow them to focus on core business objectives. We boast of industry experienced project managers, certified and trained to guide project coordination, communication and project budget management. Our project management skills assure our clients to complete projects on schedule and within budget, avoiding costly overruns and surprise factors.

Hands-on Approach & Delivery Ownership

We believe in taking a hands-on approach in managing complex projects for our clients and not stop ourselves with providing project and status reports to them. We take complete ownership of what we are doing and take full accountability and it is this quality that most of our clients trust us in managing their projects. We offer transparency in cost management solutions and billing systems that our clients extend a mile ahead to fuel their business growth while we focus on the execution towards success for them.

Our Core Beliefs in Managing Projects

Our project managers are equipped to follow risk management and mitigate the issues not when they see it but when they foresee it. We believe in communication as a key for our clients and we adhere and create escalation charts to resolve the mitigation strategies right on time. We value the key parameters of a project and constantly monitor them to measure the project success. With periodic reporting and structured monitoring, we help our clients to keep their project on track from the conception to the realization phase, we carefully choose the team for our clients and plan and tender the process in an exquisite way. We value the project execution through the project team members and our project managers are extremely skilled to choose the right resources and empowered to make quick and right decisions to drive the project execution.

We back ourselves with industry experience and we form part of various project management communities. We, at AIT, have a rigorous hiring process for project managers and we mandate project management certifications such as PMP, PRINCE 2, ITIL and their equivalents. We seek candidates with excellent communication skills as our clients are from multi-diverse environments.

Our Structured Approach

Our services do not just end with managing and controlling project executions, but we believe in strong PMO values where our clients can leverage the practices, lessons learned and key dependencies across various programmed in their organisations. We thus help our clients to operate the projects with reused resources, efficiency in operations, quality metrics, and dashboards that are widely applied across our client’s organisations.

While we manage the projects for our clients, we also tend to train and build the competence of our client’s managers, thus our services enable our clients to grow in house talents and build their management potential based on our expert consultancy.

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