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AIT offers various data base administrative services right from installation, maintenance, migration, optimisation and support of database systems. Our customers seek our expertise in migrating both small scale and large scale data into industry standard database systems. We offer consulting services to our customers who are in the transition phase of their record management systems and we guide them till the end until they achieve their strategic goal.
We adopt intuitive measures and redesign in migrating the databases of our customers as per their needs. Our areas of expertise includes both in traditional and hybrid databases.
We offer high end core data base services & administrative services which include, but not limited to,

  • Database tuning and optimisations
  • Business database migration and continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Backup services and recovery management
  • Grid & Secure grid data bases
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • DB Schema design and implementation
  • Development of Data base tools and utilities
  • DB Planning and reporting
  • Database security and firewall planning
  • Support and Service
  • database sizing
  • installations
  • database schema designing
  • migrations
  • database tuning
  • database backup services
  • disaster recovering
  • database planning and securing
  • database security and firewall

Database Optimisation & Security

We understand our customers better and we constantly endeavour our customers to grow revenue with their data base by optimising their database systems. Most of our web based customers experience too much traffic on their sites and hence we ensure their database systems remain responsive, quicker and available instantly and instantaneous. We keep our customers databases secure by our trained experts on internet security skills and help design our customer data base schema to stand those attacks.
We advise our customers on the necessary infrastructure requirements to perform these services and our customers look forward to our expert opinions. Our value to customers lies in providing a service bundle in performing end to end database migration and integration services. This saves a lot of time for our customers and complications in integrating with multiple systems.

Service & Support

Our services enable our clients to benefit from the statistics and analysis that help in improved decision making and increase end to end satisfaction. Our experts have hands on experience in:

  • Oracle 11g
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Sybase
  • Teradata
  • Mongo DB

They lend a quick hand to our clients in solving their problems effectively. Our 24 x 7 availability makes us available to our customers work on site and remote. We deliver assured support as defined by our client’s SLA requirements. With our robust support service model which helps our clients to realize their value proposition. We adopt our company’s best practices into our customer’s engagements thus providing constant growth to their business needs. Our support service experts are versatile in performing routine tasks such as patching, backups, configuration and installation.
Our support team is tailored and organised to focus on our client’s unique database requirement. We provide customisation to our customers in failover and failsafe mechanisms, replication services and refresh techniques as per our customer’s database setup.

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