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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a technology infrastructure that enables businesses to gain maximum useful information from the available data that can be leveraged for improvement of the business processes. As the market is getting more and more dynamic and competitions fiercer than ever, companies are in dire need of expert systems that can help them with making the right decisions. This requires quality data that can lower the chances of risk associated with an innovative decision. BI systems help you with providing the necessary comprehensive information from the data available and give an edge over the competition.

AIT is a forerunner in delivering top notch business intelligence services that cater to all the data requirements of your business. We provide the best software solutions and infrastructure components for the efficient gathering, cleansing, integrating, analyzing and sharing data. With the accurate data analysis and intelligent information our solution provides, you can be well assured that your decisions will never go wrong.
We are experts in providing various types of specialized business intelligence systems like

  • EIS – Executive Information Systems

The EIS provides support for senior executives for their decision making needs by giving an easy access to internal and external information related to the organization.

  • DSS – Decision Support Systems

With the help of computerized information, DSS provides a way for making the right claims and decisions in an organization.

  • MIS- Management Information systems

MIS helps organizations to understand people, technology and the relationships between them with respect to the organizational goals. It helps in the efficient management of people and technology with the help of our specialized tools and solutions.

  • GIS – geographic Information systems

GIS gives spatial and navigational information about the earth’s surface. It helps in understanding the spatial patterns and relationships easily

  • OLAP –Online Analytical processing and multidimensional analysis

OLAP services provide you with a high end data analysis and processing capabilities by letting you analyse data from different points of view.

  • CRM-Customer relationship management

CRM systems are indispensable for any business as they provide efficient methods to deal with customer data and relationship. It enables the analysis of customer behavior and trends helping you make better decisions.

Following are some of the most popular Business intelligent services provided by AIT.

  • SAP Business Object Business Intelligence (SAP BO BI)
  • Oracle – OBIEE
  • IBM – Cognos BI
  • Microsoft – SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • QlikView
  • Pentaho – Open BI Suite
  • Tableau
  • TIBCO Spotfire – Enterprise Analytics
  • MicroStrategy

AIT provides you with efficient BI solutions from experienced consultants. These solutions simplify data manipulations and allow you to easily access, analyze and process any organizational data. We incorporate the use of state of the art technologies and latest innovations to provide you with high quality services that deliver a measurable value. Experience the surge in your incomes with the efficient data management and IT solutions you can avail from AIT’s business intelligent systems.

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