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Adobe CQ5 Services

At AIT, we just don’t deliver services with impeccable quality but we also believe in outstanding customer experience, we deploy world class experience management and content management platforms to achieve and align with our strategy to satisfy our customers. Adobe CQ is an experience management solution that provides a digital interface to deploy easy to use applications for better online experiences. It also provides an out of the box integration and facility to integrate with cloud services to reap the bigger benefits offered by cloud solutions.

Our web management services largely based on the Adobe CQ5 which offers rich content management platform to deliver the digital apps much faster. We are trained and talented web professionals to capture the requirements of our clients based on online delivery platforms and we embed the experience to bring in a natural impact of their web or online systems deployed. Our creative ways and expertise in dealing with the features of Adobe CQ has made us a specialised and sought after from our clients today.

We leverage the main features of CQ5 using its vast variety of integrated systems including the Web content management system, Digital asset management system and Marketing campaign system helps us to manage a wide variety of digital multimedia. We reuse its components and modules to manage and create web pages and web based delivery platforms to effectively manage and administer the web sites. We vastly rely on this Adobe CQ solution to author and publish the web pages. We also integrate our customer sites with various cloud platforms with our cloud services to interact and leverage a wide target audience.

We manage the web experience of our clients with our ability to deliver a rich online interactive experience geared towards the next generation. Our services are delivered using this large scale web content management tool and we cater to large corporations with global infrastructures. We collaborate with our clients to deliver solutions that enable them to manage large information, present them in a much more personalised manner, and manage multiple web sites, deals with a variety of digital formats. We offer substantial reduction in training costs by deploying this tool.

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