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Data Warehousing Services

AIT offers reliable and robust data warehousing solutions for the customers worldwide. Our services specialise in data management, data protection, data security and all sorts of data warehousing activities that are required for our client’s business needs. We offer unique solutions to our clients that are simple, centralized or distributed, and tailored to suit the needs of different verticals of corporates. We offer multidimensional data warehousing solutions to cover data analytics, business intelligence, warehousing architecture and implementation, data mining, and other management services.

Data Management

At AIT, we believe data is important to process them into information which is vital for business and governance. Our services aim at integrated data management that transforms the data in to a trusted, secure, reliable and available platform to enable our clients to make decisions that make an impact into their investment portfolios. We understand the value of accurate data and we provide relevant data that is timely. We ensure our solutions are well placed and positioned to suit the critical demands of our client’s organisational growth.

Migration Services

We are experts in migration of the data from all sorts of systems that suit the client’s infrastructure. Our expertise spans across multi-platform and various industry database warehousing products that include Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, My SQL, & others. We integrate data from various implementations and legacy systems. We perform upgrades, and data sync services so our clients important assets are always protected.

Data Analytics

We offer data analytics services based on our expertise on predictive and statistical methods and techniques. Our engineers are trained with the intuitive knowledge to work with different models of practice in the data analysis industry. Our services add an edge in this predictive analysis by employing various techniques and tools. We have multiple years of expertise in various predictive analysis tools such as the IBM SPSS modeller, SAS Miner, SAP HANA, SAP Insight etc. We perform our analytic services with desired precision, research and innovative practices.

Managed Services

We provide end to end development, implementation and maintenance of the data warehousing solutions and we inculcate options to monitor, and maintain our customer’s environment. Our information management strategies and infrastructure combined with strict practices help our clients arrive at their targets with much ease. Our solutions are also built to manage the performance of our client’s data warehousing environment to handle mixed workloads. Our services constantly measure the performance and manage them in an optimal way.

Data Architecture Services

Our data warehousing services and solutions help assess and analyse the market viabilities for investing in different portfolio. We offer complete end to end lifecycle design right from data analytic architecture to implementation to achieve a complete, seamless, integrated, and performing data warehouse and business intelligence platform for our clients in a much responsible and accountable manner. Our consultants architect in a flexible way with an open feedback and consultation of our customer’s requirements. Every care is taken to suit the present and future market needs by taking into account of our predictive data analytic services.

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