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With our private and public cloud architecture and services, AIT offers a blend of hybrid solutions to our customers to get the maximal advantage of both the cloud models. Our corporates are more concerned about their business sensitivity and at the same time always pushing their boundaries to reach out to new markets. These business models require us to provide a combination of services using both public and private cloud infrastructure and resources. While our consultants on cloud seek solutions to address these challenges, our most preferred approach rests with the fact of offering a hybrid solution to our customers,

Our public and private cloud resources are utilised to perform distinct functions to cater to the information needs of the organisation. Our customers require protecting data due to its sensitivity and prefer to launch them over the private cloud services over VPN connectivity. We offer efficiency to multiple levels in deploying them and also achieve cost effect deployment by combining them with public clouds. We enable our clients to maximise their operational effectiveness by using the public clouds to perform routine and non-sensitive services and employing the private resources in the cloud to perform and secure the sensitive activities. Our services are reliable as we ensure that all these platforms are seamlessly integrated and achieve their defined business functions.

Our implementations are very carefully done to protect any malicious attacks from the public to private resources. We also consult our customers to generate various revenue and billing models in such cases where hybrid solutions are recommended. We offer the flexibility in management of these combined hybrid infrastructure as a whole for our clients with our easy to use management services.

Our hybrid services suit to our customer’s e-commerce needs and many B2C models of operations which require the back end operations to be secure and safe, while opening the front end operations to direct consumers leveraging the growing market potentials. These hybrid services are a go with our customer for its power in opening up the direct marketing services to them. Our services enable organisations to switch workloads between different cloud services.

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