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We, at AIT Design, Develop, Deploy and Deliver world class applications for the Web-Based, Mobile and Cloud platforms. Our services are renowned for quality, commitment and support we provide to our customers. We develop applications that suit business strategy and achieve business goals. We lead the application development with continuous innovations and inculcate our ideas turn into a world of reality. We constantly endeavor to align with our customer’s foresight and create a value chain for them. Our process models are unique and constructive that feeds back all the way in to our development chain from our customers.

What makes us reliable besides the experience?

We as a company enabled our development model to meet with the needs of our customers and we act quickly to achieve our customer’s vision with wide range of application development services. We expertise in application development with a wide and versatile portfolio ranging from industrial automation, home media, entertainment, publishing, gaming, cloud storages, banking, healthcare, telecom, education etc. Our varied range of skills sets in Web technologies, .Net, PHP, Android, iOS, JAVA, JRE help our customers develop multi-platform solutions with our applications. We believe in re-using principles and innovative design techniques to develop applications for various domains. Our engagement with customers through guidance, resources and skills, enables them to dramatically transform their day-to-day operations, improve efficiency and increase profitability.

Our Methodology

We have a phased methodology so our customers can gain an insight into the various stages of our application development. We even empower our customer to define interim milestones in our development methodologies to enable transparency in meeting their goals. Our development phases define our delivery model.

  • Ideation: Our ideation phase plays a vital role in perceiving our customers’ requirement to a real world application
  • Conceptualization: The requirement is conceptualized with our special approach and subject matter experts in the application domain
  • Perception: We empower our customers to perceive the development approach for the idea that is being conceptualized during this phase
  • Transition: Our development blueprint becomes the final real world application that is ready for deployment at our customer platforms
  • Realization: Our final development phase where the idea has evolved in to a real application for roll out.

We involve our customers in each and every phase of our development approach which is unique to our business and delivery model.

Adding value chain to our customers

We have strong go-to market strategies for our customers to showcase the applications developed for them to enable them reach out to the market place. We also provide resources to our customers to leverage our strengths in application development. We develop apps that do not just solve problems but grow business. Our applications are analytical and easy to use. Our reusing platforms help our customers get their value for money in no time owing to our agile methods of development approach.

Wide & Versatile Portfolio

Our subject matters span a wider range that provides an impetus for us to explore and discover multiple portfolios.

  • Healthcare: Our apps care for the humanity. They create a connection with our consumers with its elegance and ease.
  • Telecom: Our apps enable our customers to make a world a small dot with its wide support of different communication technologies and platforms.
  • Industry: As the human life gets busier with industrial automation, our apps come in handy to leverage the best out of it but catering to many different industries.
  • Education: Education is no more boring with our apps. They transform into edutainment services and our customers are loving for that
  • Travel & Hospitality: Want to get a quick ticket or a travel booking done, just a click or touch of our app understands it all from the touch of your finger and does the rest of the magic. So stay cool

And much, much, more…

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