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AIT’s Delivery Model

AIT gives utmost importance to its clients by giving them flexible options on choosing the desired delivery model. Our delivery model focuses on giving the highest priority to our clients on their challenging technological needs. Our experience makes us unbeatable service providers for delivering impeccable business solutions across all types of domains.
We engage in a global delivery model servicing clients from all over the globe. Our support team provides an around the clock service delivery. Our delivery model leverages the flexible features of the global delivery methodology giving you cost effective solutions. Our service centers provide you with an excellent support and continuous workflow throughout the day 24/7.

What is a global delivery model?

Global delivery model is the most successful and efficient delivery model that is a combination of both offshore and on-site model. A global service provider has offshore development units spread across the globe and make use of the resources from their partners around the globe to provide cost effective solutions.

Why choose us?

Our expertise and experience in the global arena has made it possible for us to make the deliveries efficiently and on time. We have all the necessary processes and resources, both on-site and offsite giving you a competitive advantage in services delivered. Our work is systematically scheduled and distributed based on the location and expertise and hence never fails to produce the top quality designs and solutions.


Some of the advantages of our global delivery model are

  • Increased productivity leading to quicker deliveries. Our projects very rarely miss a schedule or milestone due to our efficient implementation of the global delivery model. Round the clock development is made possible because of the differing time zones.
  • Our projects have reduced risk in case of loss of labor or equipment as we employ a good network of backup facilities.
  • Better communication with the clients and within the team.
  • Access to a large pool of global resources. Clients make use of our diverse range of resources without restrictions on the geographical location. This helps them to acquire the best talents across the globe.
  • Better response time and availability.
  • Operation costs and Total cost of ownership gets reduced
  • Higher ROIs
  • The time to market for the product is reduced.
  • The entire business process and the project execution is made highly scalable.

We combine the best practices like integration of agile development and rapid development into our global delivery model presenting you with highly scalable and efficient systems at a reduced cost. Our best practices have enabled us to deal with the changing business requirements with a flexible approach.

Our strong team of talented designers and developers collaborate and work together efficiently to deliver products in short delivery cycles and high quality.

The combination of off shoring and global delivery has proved to be a cost effective approach. Our robust project management provides a complete optimization of time, cost, security and quality. We follow the industry standards and make use of the latest technology to face the challenges posed by huge scale projects and global delivery.

We regard our client’s need to be of utmost priority and give them flexible options to choose the engagement model and the required delivery priorities. Our smooth communication facilities enable you to easily deal with and resolve any issues regarding the product or service.

Meet your IT challenges by collaborating with the world class IT solutions provider, AIT and get top notch IT solutions delivered fast and cheap.

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