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Magento Enterprise Services

The Magento expert consultants at AIT are trained to handle almost every type of Magento installation and implementation. With considerable experience under their belt, our consultants can direct your Magento needs from the very basic to the most innovative of features.

Magento is an open source CMS that has been uniquely developed to handle the content management for ecommerce portals. With the boom in the ecommerce sector, the CMS is now employed as the core infrastructure for most of the popular shopping sites online. Many companies have also employed the infrastructure to create a shopping area within their standard websites.

Whether you are looking for a full-blown installation and implementation of a Magento website from scratch, integrating the CMS within your existing site, or migrating with your current ecommerce site from a different infrastructure to the sleek convenience of the Magento Platform – We can help you every step of the way.

Magento Services by AIT

  • We provide services spanning design, development, implementation, and post execution for Magento websites.
  • Fully certified Magento developers work with industry best practices to provide turnkey e-commerce solutions for your company. Whether developing a single shopping cart for an existing website or creating multiple pages for an ecommerce giant, we can handle your project at all levels.
  • Magento developers on the AIT team constantly strive to be up to the minute with current industry methodologies – quality testing for 100% assurance, code repositories, and dedicated development tools to provide current code standards.
  • Developers provide customization on multiple fronts – Integrations, backend infrastructure, frontend systems and reporting functions
  • Integrating new Magento pages with existing website infrastructure to ensure all systems play well together – with this in mind, AIT developers have integrated various tools including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics,and Oracle to give you better compatibility with resource planning, CRM, email marketing, and payment gateways.

Extended Magento Services

Apart from the core development, integration, and execution services on the platform, the AIT team takes it one-step further by customizing the versatility of Magento so you can reap maximum benefits for your enterprise. With this agenda, we have taken our Magento services one-step further with the following extended attributes.

Magento Marketing Services

At AIT, we do not just stop at creating a fantastic website. We know that for an ecommerce business to truly flourish, it has to harness the power of creative online marketing. We provide advanced Magento marketing services for our clients to help direct their ecommerce businesses towards optimum success. Our team of professionals also monitors the performance of the marketing efforts via up-to-date analytics tools. Our package for Magento marketing services also includes optimum SEO processes to help channel the platform’s advantage on the Internet.

Magento Performance Potential Optimization Services

It is important to track the performance potential of your website on the Magento platform to ensure you are getting the best industry standards for page response, transition, and page speed. These factors are critically enmeshed with the overall performance of your business. At AIT, our team of system architects has the proper certification and experience to monitor the task of tracking and optimizing your Magneto site for application level orientation, client-side performance, and server-side implementation of logic.

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