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At AIT, we strongly believe in rigorous test processes and procedures before we roll out our applications to customers. We don’t just test them but also measure them against key performance indicators to improve our testing process to uncover more defects during our development phase. In our labs, we continuously aim at detecting as much defects as possible for the applications we develop for our customers, our testers constantly engage their grey cells, to perform testing techniques such as boundary testing, polynomic testing, failure scenario testing, functional testing, ice break testing to improvise the applications we create for our customers. We treat our applications as our babies that are rolling out from the womb of our test labs. We take utmost care that they are well tested before they are born.

Our Test Strategy

We believe our customers are part of our system and hence we integrate our customer’s acceptance test plans as part of our testing strategy. We also create acceptance test plans for our customer and enable them to perceive our products on the scores of their acceptances. This eases the pain for our customers and eases the support that we provide to them to enable them to reach out with our apps that are specially crafted for them. We also incorporate the phase of alpha testing of our app by rolling it out to our customer trial labs and improve with constructive feedback from them during our testing cycle.

Measurement Indicators

We, at AIT, believe that key indicators are vital for our development and to assure the quality we provide to our customers. So we define along with our customers, key measurement indicators during our development and testing phases. This is one of our unique offerings for our customers, as they can have an insight of how our applications perform and prove. We expose these parameters to our customers during the execution of the application development for continuous defect prevention not just by testing methodologies but by employing suitable management tactics. Further we understand support is an integral part of the product and believe that our customers will require a much longer engagement with us. Hence we provide support after the roll out of our apps to our customers for further refinement of the requirements and any other enhancement they might wish to have in their app born out of our lab.

Test Gear & Automations

Our test labs are equipped with most sophisticated test gears and tools to cater to testing the apps for various domains. We use automation test tools like QTP, Selenium and others to ensure the testing phase is quick enough to uncover defects and our customers reap the benefits of our productivity much earlier than the competition. Our GUI testing involves rigorous automation methods using tools like Silk runner to ensure the real time performance of the look and feel of our apps are not compromised. Our multi skilled testing expertise includes various skills such a Perl, Python etc. We believe in automation suites and wherever automation is not feasible we employ manual testing methods using our expertise to help our customers leverage the best out of our applications bug free.

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