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Architecture and Design Consulting Services

As an industry leading, consultant providers and service partners, we are mostly solicited for our expertise in end to end solutions by our customers. We adopt the right approach and we are pragmatic in our approach and disciple in our management style to deliver immaculate and improvised services for our customers.
We handle all aspects of solution development and architecture with a vast employee pool of trained experts from multiple domains. We provide reliable solutions to our customers by covering the important aspects of any solution development that our customers have in their minds. Our services are competitive and qualitative in nature. Our team is comprised with well qualified and experienced engineers to address the needs of our clients. Our designs and architectures are customized as per the specific needs.
Our clients rely on us to achieve their business objectives, plan their IT strategy and infrastructure, and design the security of their software deployments and for many other business cases that add value to their goals. We help them in achieving through our efficient methods and rapid model of working. We, at AIT, possess a high level of expertise in software architecture domain and we adapt SaaS and Service oriented architecture to cater to our customers. Our architecture serves as a prototype model or a blueprint for our customers.
As a leading software architecture consulting agency, we have tremendous experience across various industries and that enables us to adopt best design principles from one industry to another suiting the business goals. Our model is to cater to diverse clients to achieve the best architecture for our customers that are affordable, easy to use and much more effective. We provide services for both legacy and new systems by committing to quality, and conforming to the existing industry standards and adopting best practices for our client’s organization.

Our Service Model

We perform our services right from the requirement analysis, feasibility to providing a core concrete architecture and interface specifications to our customers.

Requirements Analysis

As most of the designs heavily depend upon the requirements to be understood and interpreted clearly, we adopt various techniques in capturing the requirements from our clients using Data diagrams, KANO charts, pictures, workflows, etc. We translate the requirements in to specifications that our customers could approve upon. We are proficient in tools such as DOORS and Requisite Pro in documenting and mitigating the dependent requirements which serves as a deliverable.

Design Consulting & Modeling

At AIT, we have a phased approach in translating the requirements to models that can be specified and adopted to the needs. These models serve a great role in enabling our customers visualise the way a system would perform and provides a mechanism to change the requirements the way our clients see them.

Prototype Building/Reference Implementations

We also build prototypes which can be reusable by our clients in their development if need be, and these reference implementations serve also serve as a model of training the teams at our customer sites

Review, Release & Consulting support

Further, we close our consulting services with proper review cycles, release procedures and we do not stop there, but extend our support to achieve a long standing relationship.

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