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Public Cloud Services

AIT recognised the advent of social media and revolution of information age with blogs, twitter, Facebook and multiple social sites that require vast amount of data to be managed and manipulated. We constantly strive to serve our customers with economical and sustained public cloud infrastructure. Our customers are opened with a great avenue of different revenue models of usage using our public cloud infra services. We launch the services and applications and our clients could earn revenue with the advertisements generated or could charge their consumers to pay per usage of the service or the applications hosted on the public cloud.

Public cloud model is the most prevalently used model and we provide a wide range of virtualisation services using shared, pooled, centralized and distributed resources that are physically located and are manageable by our virtualised managed services. These resources could be an application, a streaming media or could be a business model that our clients can expose as they are accessible by a public internet and could attract consumers by positioning their resources in a direct marketing situation. This also enables our clients to generate ad revenues other than the cloud. Our architects and engineers continuously produce different models of sharing and managing such resources so they are always available to meet the business needs of our customers.

Our cloud based hosting platform can be adapted to different models available. Our offerings are customisable to meet the level of infrastructure, security and scalable to address the growing needs of the consumers in a public environment. Our enterprises use public clouds to make significantly efficient business operations and our cloud services enable them to segregate and store business sensitive and non-sensitive information in to public cloud domain. Our model of deployment in the public cloud domain goes through a review by our trained experts to ensure the maximum security and accessibility remains an integral part of the infrastructure for our customers.

Benefits of Our Model

Our public clouds are modelled to have a centralised management of the various resources and the management level is achieved at multiple levels. This enables our clients to share the resources across other cloud services and accordingly position their offerings to the market to create a value proposition.

Our services on the market follow the standardised Any-as-a-Service model for the underlying infra and the software. These are readily accessible and available through any connective and from any devices. Thus our services cater to multi-platform and device agnostic environments facilitating the reach beyond the organisations imagination. Our services completely adhere to the requirements and make a room for integrating their own public cloud services with others, or private clouds to reap the maximal benefit of their investments to perform business sensitive operations.

Our on-demand, ad-hoc architecture provides the mechanism to expand the infra as our customers grow in their businesses. We deliver scalable and reliable solutions from the minimal needs to the optimised performance as the resources grow in the public infrastructure. Our APIs allow a seamless integration to make this possible and without interrupting the resource activities. Our architectures take in to account of the redundancy in the infra with proper fail safe and fail over routes so that the infra is always available thus causing the business to run smoothly. The end user is not even aware of the failures and the data is stored in multiple data centres to ensure they don’t become a single focal point of failures. Our vision in making our data centres and cloud services not vulnerable enables us to excel in providing the services to our customers.

As we believe a public resource should be available for anyone, anytime and anywhere, we inculcate the belief in our solutions to ensure that these services are offered independent of the locations of the consumers and thus our organisations can explore the corners where there is no pre-existing market and open up new markets. Our services are remotely accessible by well-defined IT infrastructure and policies that govern them against fraudulent attacks from hackers.

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