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Private Cloud Services

Our cloud infrastructure services are managed and maintained using best industry practices enabling our customers to move their businesses safely and securely in to cloud environment. Our practices allow our customers to manage their IT resources effectively and focus on their business goals. Our consulting services enable our customers to reap the value from the cloud and our professional approach in tackling issues and challenges is a key to ensure optimized solutions for our customers. We offer the best-in-class technology and our capabilities impart confidence in our customers for their cloud based solutions. Our consultants are flexible in accommodating the workloads. Most of the private cloud infra requires security grids and solutions based on security grids and our consultants are experts in design and delivery of the secured grid solutions.

Standard Platform Approach

We, at AIT, provide globalised platforms and services to manage the organisations private clouds. Our solutions are designed to meet the scaling needs of the enterprise and the linear growth of the business of the organisation. Our services are modelled on IaaS (infrastructure as a service), SaaS (software as a service) principles and they define the behaviour models of the private cloud that are managed. Our clients are provided the services without cost ownership and thus remove the overheads of infrastructure management, maintenance from their inventory sheets. Our data centric services are periodically backed up. We build dynamic solutions with industry standard technologies. Our experts are trained to choose the best delivery platforms for our customers. With our agile, strategic approach to offer private cloud infra services, our clients achieve greater scalability, enjoy greater flexibility, and achieve efficiency across different platforms.

Wide Options

We offer a wide range of deployment options for private cloud services. And as proud partners of various equipment vendors such as IBM, HP and Dell we offer customised and cost effect services that strengthens the relationship with our customers and avoiding the pain to them in managing the whole cloud infrastructure required to run their businesses. Our options offer a range of solid infrastructure component to help our clients build their own private clouds. Our services expedite and integrate the fully scalable cloud platforms with existing legacy systems thus retaining the total cost of ownership for our customers.

We provide our services on multiple technologies and tools including the OpenStack, OSLC and others and our services are flexible to promote the interoperability with multiple vendor systems integrated seamless to work together to achieve a particular business goal. Our solutions are with reduced cost and complexity and it helps our customers to automate the redundant and manual tasks to minimise the administration of the cloud infrastructure. Our solutions simplify IT management, cut costs and improve efficiency and agility of the business worldwide.

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