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AIT is a leading global providers of statistical analytics and data analysis services. We perform our analytic services with desired precision, research and innovative practices. We support scientists, scholars and researchers across the globe and multi-national research organisations with the data analysis that they are required to conduct experiments upon. We serve as a hand with them to obtain the results with precision. We also offer training tools and services for the scholars in adopting various statistical measures to meet their research goals. We offer quick, effective, reliable solutions and services that baffle our customer with our intuitive methods. Our extensive experience spans across various phases of the statistical analytics that is performed as part of the data analytics. Our consultants are equipped to handle the analysis of data of various sizes, samples and populations. We perform estimation, interpretation, translation of data, modelling and algorithmic testing. Our recruitment is based on a careful selection of statistical consultants from well-known universities that our customers can rely on their methods of analysis.

We do not stop with analysing the data, but provide a detailed and concise report on the application of the data for the underlying business goal. Our clients range from pharmaceutical domains to research organisations.

Our Techniques and Tools

Our statistical techniques are modelled using proven methods and tools. We enable our clients to obtain the results of statistical tests and procedures without the need to gain expertise on the usage of the required technique or tools. Our services are rendered to clients with no or low programming skills and our visualisation of the models provide them the confidence of roll outs of various decisions. We are a professional statistical service company and we cater to a wide range of clients, be in individual or an organisation or university. We help our clients to obtain answers based on the data that they collect and enable them to decide on what type of data needed to make a certain decision. We also help them in the data collection process and measure them with the industry standard statistical tools to analyse the collected data.

Our experts are not limited to one tool or the other, but we believe applying a multitude of tools that are widely used in the industry. Some of our tools include, MATLAB, Mini TAB, SPSS, SAS Analytics, Data desk, MS Excel, ANSYS etc. We are also proud partners of the data analytics tools vendors and we endeavour them by incorporating the feature sets into the tools that help us achieve our client’s data analytics goals. Our statistical models and tools are platform agnostic. Our clients leverage our expertise without bringing any change in their analytical environment and it means a cost effective analytical decision for our customers. Our data analytics services are real time and cater to the critical needs of the business. Our testing of these models is very exhaustive and we adopt widely used test methods adopted by world’s leading researchers and scientists. Our analytics are used by many research firms worldwide and our market analysts provide the research data after a great research on the macro and micro scenario. Our reports come with the necessary features with a highly intuitive and easy interface that are often required for our clients to process the scientific results and gear their businesses to commercial successes.

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